Crafting Your Digital Identity: The Power of Personal Branding for Remote Workers

Why Building Your Personal Brand is a MUST for Virtual Employees


Building a Personal Brand has become essential for almost every digital professional. With remote workers and virtual employees, crafting a high-quality persona that attracts employers, business partners, and professional opportunities becomes even more important.

What is “Personal Branding?”


A 2018 study from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam defined personal branding as the “strategic process of creating, positioning, and maintaining a positive impression of oneself, based on a unique combination of individual characteristics, which signal a certain promise to the target audience through a differentiated narrative and imagery.”



Personal branding allows you to take control of your online image and reputation. You can shape your own narrative and highlight your achievements, skills, and value as a professional through the content and information you share.


As a remote worker or virtual employee, having a strong personal brand will set you apart from your colleagues when it comes time for a promotion, for new opportunities, or when you want to establish your own business and practice.


3 Benefits of Having a Strong Personal Brand


Aside from having a respectable and admirable reputation, having a personal brand in the remote work era increases your professional market value and makes you an attractive choice for firms and organizations.


Here are 3 reasons why you should start developing your personal brand today.


1.  You get to showcase your skills, abilities, expertise, and experience.

Self-promotion is the name of the game in personal branding. Don’t be shy about sharing your technical expertise and experiences! Job interviews aren’t the only time you should be proud of your achievements. Sharing your accomplishments boosts your confidence and highlights the value you bring as a professional.


2.  You can connect with prominent people in your industry.

Imagine talking to and collaborating with the top people in your field. It seems far-fetched, but people with strong personal brands often rub shoulders with prominent figures. Once you can craft a strong image, it won’t be long before you attend meetings with your company’s CEO, other professionals within the industry, and, later, the top dogs in the field.


3.  You open yourself up to new opportunities.

What matters is who you know, right? Putting yourself out there and connecting with people doesn’t just expand your professional network; you also position yourself in front of opportunities you might not have gotten without your online reputation. If brands, organizations, and other professionals see your work online, they might very well invite you to join new ventures or offer better employment.




3 Ways to Start Developing Your Personal Brand


Now that you’re ready to work on your branding, it’s time to execute your plan and craft a compelling narrative about your professional capabilities! Fortunately, you can break down the process into 3 basic steps that can significantly boost your online image, credibility, and hiring potential.


1.  Build an online portfolio of your best work.

Whether it’s a website, a social media page, or a portfolio account, ensure your best work is online and available for viewing at all times. You never know who’s browsing about looking for new talent!


Provide details of the work you’ve done and the experiences you’ve gained throughout your career. Indicate precisely how you’ve contributed to your company and your top skills and values! And make sure you leave contact details for future collaborations and opportunities.

2.  Become a credible source of knowledge and information.

Part of establishing yourself as a reputable professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience at his/her disposal is becoming an authority in your field. You don’t necessarily need a Master’s degree or PhD (though that would help), you just need to consistently share information from trusted sources and your own personal insights on your platforms. Your audience needs to know they can trust your expert advice on matters that are within your jurisdiction.


You can also provide expert commentary on relevant news and developments in your industry, share videos and published articles on your pages, and help people understand concepts in your work. Building your relationship with your audience through information is a genuine approach founded on your professional expertise.




3.  Share your professional story and career milestones.

Alongside sharing information and knowledge, it’s important to also share your own career developments and stories. Your audience will want to know how you got started in the industry, what you’ve achieved, your goals, and what you’re currently working on.


This transparency also helps build your credibility. It’s proof that you really know what you’re talking about and can be a reliable source of information and a possible work collaborator. You can also work on becoming an inspirational role model and guide for younger professionals in your field while sharing your story.


The important thing to remember is to always focus on the professional side of things. You can delve briefly into your personal life but make sure the focus stays on what you can do and the value you can provide to employers and business partners.


Having a personal brand as a remote worker or virtual employee is non-negotiable. Regardless of whether you’ve intentionally crafted it for yourself already or unknowingly built up a certain reputation, you need to take the reins and take ownership of your image and branding.


Building a strong personal brand will help your career in the long term. It will open new doors, connect you with the right people, and unlock new opportunities for professional growth and success. Start working on one now, and you’ll soon start reaping the benefits of your hard work!


Looking to enhance your professional image and build a strong online personal brand? Work with veteran HR professionals and remote work experts to frame your narrative. At Engage, we can help you find your next remote work employment and take your career to the next level. Work with Engage today!


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