7 Tips to Thrive as a Work-from Home or Remote Employee

Transitioning into remote work is a great option for professionals looking to escape the office environment, have more control over their schedule, or for those who simply want more work-life balance.


However, snagging a highly coveted work-from-home position is the easy part; thriving and finding success in a remote working environment can test the skills and discipline of any employee.


Creating structure and adhering to a routine is the key to being a successful remote employee.


In a remote work set-up, the boundaries of work and personal time can often get blurred and melt into each other. It can almost feel like you’re working around the clock because you can’t separate working hours from your personal time.


On the other hand, it’s also fairly easy to sneak in more than just a few personal errands and non-work tasks during your shift and find yourself having accomplished nothing at the end of the day.


Instead of haphazardly trying to accomplish both professional and personal tasks, it’s important to set very clear boundaries and create a structure to your days as a work-from-home professional. Sticking to a strict schedule will help you finish tasks, become more efficient, feel more accomplished, and have enough time to recharge and socialize.





Tips to become a successful remote employee


To help you create structure and bring order to your days in a work-from-home setting, here are 7 tips you can apply to your daily routine to maximize your time, energy, and outputs.


  1. Enjoy an energizing morning routine to start the day


Setting aside time in the morning, or whenever you begin your work day, that’s just for you to really set the entire tone of the day. Spend this period enjoying a nutritious meal, doing some light exercise or meditation, journaling, or however you want to slowly wake yourself up and get you energized for the day.


By allowing yourself to gear up for the craziness of the work day and work week, you can feel more confident and motivated to do your best and accomplish things in a relaxed and focused manner. Be intentional with carving out this routine for yourself and your well-being.


  1. Have a dedicated work space conducive to your productivity


Everyone has his/her own preferences when working. Some people enjoy working in a bustling café, others prefer the silence of their home office, or the buzz of a co-working space. Whatever your preferences are, make sure you have a dedicated work space where you can set up all your equipment and actually finish tasks.


Having a space specifically for work also helps you get into the zone and mentally check-in to work. This space should be used only for work and should never be mixed with your personal tasks. This boundary helps your brain switch into work mode and increase your productivity by associating a specific environment with work.


  1. Set reasonable work hours and stick to them


Having a flexible work schedule doesn’t mean you can go work only whenever you feel like it. Instead, it’s best to set work hours that you always adhere to so you can slowly get used to the routine of being productive during the same hours every single day. The repetition of the routine will help you quickly switch in and out of work mode at the beginning and end of each day.


Moreover, setting consistent work hours allows you to maximize your energy and reduce chances of procrastinating. The better you are able to stick to your schedule and finish tasks within a time limit, the more time you have for other things in your life. The schedule is there to improve your self-discipline, efficiency, and focus.


  1. Reduce distractions and limit personal errands during your shift


Just having a dedicated work space isn’t enough to keep most remote employees on track. The distractions from your phone, mobile devices, other people in the house, and personal errands can derail you from having a productive day. Be strict with yourself by removing distractions and only allowing yourself small indulgences during your well-deserved breaks.


Be mindful about putting your phone on DND and letting other people know that just because you are a remote worker doesn’t mean they can invite you out or have you run errands during your shift. Use the hours of your work schedule specifically for work and nothing else.


  1. Follow your to-do list every day


Having a to-do list keeps you focused on what exactly you need to accomplish each day. By mapping out what you need to do, it will be much easier to break down tasks into actionable steps you can take. The clear vision your to-do list provides also helps you prioritize what items need to be finished first and which can be rescheduled or set aside.


Ticking items off your to-do list can also boost your mood and increase your motivation. The physical action of crossing items out can help you feel more eager to complete tasks and reward yourself with a small treat or break.


  1. Make time for your personal relationships and hobbies


The happiest and most successful remote workers are those who consistently have time for both work and their personal lives. Even if you continuously do well in work, you need time to socialize with your family, friends, and with yourself. This reduces the likelihood of burnout and fuels your creativity, mental health, and overall well-being.


At the end of each work day, schedule time to enjoy your hobbies or to call your friends. You can even spend some time just relaxing with a good book or movie. Choose activities that replenish your excitement for life. Go out on the weekends and don’t forget to enjoy your PTOs and vacation days.


  1. Get enough rest


Don’t underestimate the power of 8 hours of sleep! Having enough sleep every night makes a huge impact on your focus, mental clarity, and mood stability. Remote workers who don’t get enough rest risk getting sick often, turning in poor work, and finding it hard to concentrate on tasks.




Taking care of yourself through sleep makes you a much better worker and colleague. You’re sharper, more efficient, and more reliable when you’re well-rested every day. Even when you’ve had a particularly grueling week, make time on the weekend to catch up on some sleep. Your body and career will thank you in the long run.


Mastering the art of remote work takes years of practice and discipline. By following these simple and effective tips, you can be well on your way to being the most productive, high performing work-from-home employee. Start slow, build up those remote working habits, and you’re guaranteed to see results in no time.


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